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1. What is MyBestWorkBoots?

To find the best work boots, you need to consider two aspects: first, you need to know what you will use the boots for, and second, you need to decide which environment you will be using them in. This will help you decide if you need work boots with specific capabilities or overall good quality boots. The Best Work Boots is a website that provides you with enough information to determine exactly what work boots you need. To find out more about what our website offers go to our About page.

2. Are there fees involved using our website?

Using our website is completely free of cost! The information is provided to help you, in making a good choice when buying a pair of work boots.

3. Which size boots should a buy for a perfect fit?

If you generally wear a half-sized boot, for example an 8.5, but the pair of boots you’d like to purchase only come in whole sizes, rather purchase a size 9.

4. Is it better to buy a steel toe or composite toe?

Most people feel that a steel toe boot provides more protection than a boot with a composite toe. But, if you don’t need a steel toe, rather go for boots with a composite toe, because steel toe boots tend to be a little heavier than those with composite toes.

5. What outsole type is the most durable?

The Goodyear Welt is definitely the most durable outsole construction type. Thereafter is the Cement construction, and the least durable is the Direct Attach outsole construction.

6. What outsole construction type is comfortable?

Although the Direct Attach construction type is not as durable, it is comfortable! The Cement construction and Goodyear Welt is less comfortable, as they are designed to be more durable than the Direct Attach outsole construction.

7 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Pair of Work Boots

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