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James Blake

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About the Author

Born and bred in Texas, James Blake has always enjoyed the outdoors, and practical shoes have always been a must. With a father in the industrial footwear business, James grew up with a passion for understanding the technical makeup of a solid work shoe.


James graduated with a Master’s in Business and Corporate Communication from a prestigious Texan university. He then took on an internship at his father’s business, where he was soon promoted.


Before time, John was headhunted by a leading workwear brand, where he headed up the product testing operation. After years in the field, he was ready to take a new direction within his career.


With a MA in Corporate Communication and extensive product testing experience, Blake saw a gap in the market for a platform that helps Americans choose from the best heavy-duty footwear on the market, saving them from making costly mistakes.

Today, MyBestWorkBoots has grown beyond where James could have ever imagined, and he is proud to lead a team of dedicated and passionate product testers, researchers, and writers. 



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Work Boots Versus Hiking Boots

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