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The All-weather Jungle Boots

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Are you going to some serious camping trips which might include hiking, trekking, and other activities? Then, your adventure requires you to have more than just rubber boots. Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are the perfect footwear to ensure that you can trek comfortably during your adventure.

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Who Is It For?

These boots are meant for people who work in different kinds of harsh and humid terrains especially in the jungle. They are a perfect fit for the military as well as civilians who desire to adventure in the jungle.

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Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boot Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 90%
Value For Money 100%
Price 100%

Rothco 8” GI Type Review Table

SummaryRothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots have specific design features that make them ideal for jungle environment. They are equipped with vent holes and canvas to ensure that they eliminate moisture through drainage. Note that the boots have Panama soles to prevent mud clogging through air vents.
Intended use7/10Hiking and trekking especially in the jungle
Product Rating 7/10Perfect for jungle trekking and hiking but aren’t the top product.
Value for your money9/10These boots are what you expect for the price tag
Price 8/10price is fair especially when you consider the robustness of the boots
Effectiveness9/10Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are effective when it comes to trekking because they offer comfort and are designed to in such a way that you will always feel comfortable even in harsh weather conditions.

We Like

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are lightweight, and this ensures that the user can trek for longer distances without getting tired. Besides, these leather boots are durable. With that, you won’t be buying boots monthly – a perfect way of saving money, especially during these hard economic times.

We Don’t Like

The boots’ stitching looks light duty, and so, you should expect some breakage in the future. So, you will spend a few bucks to get the boots repaired. You should always use socks especially thick ones. Otherwise, these boots can have hot spots that will blister, especially when new.

More about Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are:

  • Made of genuine leather and are watertight to ensure that they can be effective even in flooded areas. However, they have side holes that drain water that might get in and allow your feet to breathe when in hot areas.
  • The boots feature vulcanized rubber soles which last for a very long time. Non-vulcanized rubber soles can’t last for more than two months.
  • They are lightweight on your feet, and you can wear them for as long as you wish
  • As long as you wear socks, you will never experience sore feet.

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Rothco 8

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Quick Summary

Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are high-end boots with air vents that will keep your feet cool and dry. They feature high lace holes and strong laces that will keep jungle leeches and ants at bay. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about these creepy and disgusting creatures as you trek or hike in the jungle. Besides, these boots are made of leather and have a canvas on top to ensure that they can withstand harsh weather conditions while keeping your feet comfortable and safe.

These boots are perfect tools if you want to make your way through deep puddles, muddy terrains, and rivers. Even in hot areas, you will find it easy to trek in these boots. Therefore, they are a perfect footwear for your next jungle adventure.

Key Features

Vulcanized Rubber Soles

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots feature vulcanized rubber soles that last for a long time as compared to no-vulcanized rubber that might not last for more than three months. With that, you don’t have to replace the sole or buy boots frequently – saves money.

All-Weather Footwear

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe even in harsh weather. However, you shouldn’t wear them in winter. Regardless of whether you are trekking in the desert, hiking on rocky hills or walking in muddy and flooded areas, you will find these boots handy.


  • Boots weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Height: 8.”
  • Made of leather and have a canvas and nylon upper
  • Size: Comes in full-size only
  • Outsole: Black Rubber Panama sole

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Rothco 8

Results You Will Get

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots will make it easier for you to trek and hike in different terrains and weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boot will offer you the full value of money. As of the time this of writing this review, the product had 921 reviews, with the majority of these being five-star feedback from previous users who were satisfied with the product.

“These are perfect boots. In fact, I love my pair. They are strong, and I can wear them for a very long time without any inconvenience.”

“The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots will keep your feet dry, and you won’t sweat much. Besides, they are lightweight, and this means that you can walk comfortably in them.”

Though the Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots have vents to ensure that your feet stay cool and dry, they can sometimes have hot spots that might cause blisters. However, when used with socks, you will not have to worry about the heat.


  • The boots are durable
  • Keeps your feet dry and cool even in hot areas
  • They are lightweight hence you can walk comfortably in them
  • They are high enough to keep leeches and ants at bay
  • They have strong laces


  • If not used with socks, the boots can cause blisters especially when they are new
  • The boots’ stitching looks light duty, and so, you should expect some breakage in the future


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Insider Information

Always ensure that you buy a boot that’s made of pure leather and is of high-quality. Since you must use socks when wearing these boots, ensure that you buy a well-fitting boot.

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Our Verdict

The Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots are great for occasional wear. They will offer you the full value of your money.

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