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What Are They?

They are boots you use in a hazardous environment to protect your feet. These particular boots have a unique feature that makes them better in offering you moderate protection. They have the composite safety toe box which comprises of composite materials. These are a combination of plastic, Kevlar aramid fiber, and carbon fiber. These combinations of materials do not conduct heat, and they also do not set off the metal detectors, thus giving you first-class safety.

How Do They Work?

They protect your toes while also meeting ANSI standards. They have a type of composite material in them; a combination of plastic, Kevlar aramid fiber, and carbon fiber. These incredible boots impede the flow of electricity through the boot and the ground. The mix of materials makes it impossible to conduct electricity. They protect your feet from up to 500 volts in a dry working environment. Thus, you get maximum protection, and the composite toe cap provides you with extra comfort.

Q: What is the Difference between Composite Toe caps, Aluminum Toe Caps, and Steel Toe Caps?

A: Composite toes are products of plastic, carbon fiber or Kevlar. They are not metallic, and hence they do not conduct heat, and you can put them on through metal detectors.

Steel toes, on the other hand, are not only a traditional choice but also the heaviest. They conduct temperature making them unsuitable for icy environments.


Aluminum toes are lighter than steel toe caps, but they are as strong. One thing, however, is that they are bulkier than composite toes and they conduct temperature.

Q: What Type of Working Environments Are Composite Toe Work Shoes Necessary?

A: They offer you added protection area of your boot that is the most vulnerable-your toes! Due to their incredible composition of non-metal materials, lightweight and comfortable nature, and better resistance to electricity than steel toes these work shoes are suitable for practically any type of working environment.


You can use if you work in a power plant, wet or freezing places, outdoor hiking or companies that require you to pass through metal detectors.

Q: Which Kind of Outsole Construction is the Strongest?

A: Cement Construction is the strongest since it is an outsole bond to the leather upper with an adhesive. It is closely followed by the Goodyear Welt which consists of the outsole that is sewn on to the leather upper.


Last but not least, there is the Direct-attach in which the sole is injected into the leather upper in liquid form and then dried onto the boot, making it the weakest type of outsole construction.

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