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MyBestWorkBoots Editorial Team

It’s our goal at MyBestWorkBoots is to help you understand all your industrial footwear options and invest in a long-lasting and satisfactory product. We strive to do so in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Our team of industrial gear experts regularly update our site with the latest product innovations and industry news. We do so while ensuring we hold the highest standards of editorial integrity through a detailed fact-checking process.

MyBestWorkBoots is proud to have published content on a range of industrial footwear-related topics through engaging copy.

Our Editorial Standards

Our team at MyBestWorkBoots is committed to producing quality content for our readers. Our team is constantly analysing our content to ensure it’s fresh, accurate, completely objective and ethically produced. We pride ourselves on transparency, and all our stories are fact-checked before being released to the public.

Product Reviews

Any products that we recommend are independent views based on our detailed product testing procedures and dedicated industry research. Any links to 3rd party sites are designed for your convenience and do not reflect an endorsement.

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James Blake

Written by
James Blake
Work Safety Expert

James has made it his mission to find the top boots on the market.

He’s passionate about matching the right boot to the right application because different boots are a perfect fit for different uses.