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The All-weather Military Boots

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Sloshing through muddy areas, crossing ankle-deep creeks, being on patrol, working outside, or tracking that game all day long, cold and water will do nothing but try and get at your feet. But you don’t desire this. Note that the best solution to take care of your feet while in the field or on duty is to purchase a pair of Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots.

Who Is It For?

Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are perfect for individuals who work in terrains that are steep, wet and very humid. For instance, military people will find these boots handy for protecting their feet while executing their duties.

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Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boot Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 90%
Value For Money 100%
Price 100%

Rocky C5C Commercial Military Review Table

Summary Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are designed specifically for high-pressure missions especially military operations. They are made of pure leather, and this makes them durable. Their tongue is made of soft perforated leather to help ventilate and dry the boot. The boot top has a padded collar that is triple stitched to provide extra comfort for the shin and calf. Their tough EVA outsole made of rubber gives them the ability to handle terrains that are more challenging with superior traction.
Intended For Walking especially in areas that have rugged terrain for a hike or adventure.
Rating 7/10 boots are good for hiking and trekking. However, they are not the number one boots on the market.
Value for money 8/10 boots will offer you the anticipated value for your money.
Price 9/10 These boots are of high-quality, are strong, and durable, and so the price is fair.
Effectiveness 8/10 Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are very effective especially when you are walking because their design protects the feet from harsh and rough weather conditions. Their footbed is cushioned to give you maximum comfort and to absorb shock when landing or running.

We Like

The Rocky C5C Commercial Military boots are genuine leather boots, and hence they feel and look great. The boots are high, and this ensures that you can fasten them on your foot such that they can’t slip off easily. Besides, they have a padded interior to ensure that your foot is comfortable.

We Don’t Like

Getting the boots on can be terribly difficult. This is a can be a downfall especially when it comes to the military because you may not be able to put them on as fast as possible. Though they are made of leather, when exposed to too harsh weather conditions might not last for many years. This means that you will have to replace them in the future.

More about Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots

  • The heel outsole of the boot wraps over the foot back and extends up to provide extra protection for heel impacts and strikes
  • They have toe outsole that wraps up the front part of the boot providing protection to the toe from hard impacts.
  • They have large perimeter lugs for aggressive traction.

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Rocky C5C

Quick Summary

Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are perfect boots with interiors that have wick moisture keeping your feet dry. They are lightweight, and this makes it easier and comfortable for you to run and walk for long distances. They are fitted with NATO hooks and speed laces on their 8 inches upper fast and safer lacing. They also feature ventilation ports on both sides for proper airflow. Also, their heels stand one inch high to provide more padding for heel strikes.

These boots are made of high-quality leather, and this makes them last longer than any other boots. They are ideal if you are walking in wet, steep, terrains and along valleys. During harsh climatic conditions, they are easy to walk in. Therefore, you can make them your feet wear when the climate is extremely wet or hot.

Key Features

All weather footwear

These boots perform well in harsh climatic conditions. Whether walking on muddy terrains on a rainy day or a hot, dry, arid area, these boots are designed to keep your feet comfortable.

Tough rubber outsole

The Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are designed to perform unbeatable on the most challenging terrains. No matter how rough the terrain is, these boots are perfect. Besides, the rubber sole doesn’t wear out easily or slide easily. Therefore, these boots last long and you can walk comfortably in them.


  • Weight per boot: 15.5 oz.
  • Height: 8.”
  • Construction: Rugged leather
  • Outsole: Rugged EVA rubber
  • Outsole: Cushioned
  • Internal air vents: Yes
  • NATO hooks: Yes

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Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boot Review Discount

Results You Will Get

Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are easy and comfortable to walk in. You can use them on all types of terrains and weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

The Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boot had received hundreds of positive reviews from previous users who were satisfied with the quality and the durability of the boots.

“Very comfortable, love the high ankle support. I bought these boots a year ago, and they are many five-star reviews. So far, I feel comfortable using them, and I recommend them to anyone in need of military boots.”

“Best boot I have purchased in a while, have had it for almost six months, I wear it almost daily and its super light.”

Although Rocky C5C Commercial Military boots feature vents for ventilation, the vents can allow small debris into the boot. However, large debris is not allowed.


  • The boots are durable because they are made from high-quality leather and have rubber soles.
  • They are lightweight
  • They have rugged leather to protect your feet in harsh weather
  • Internal air vents to pump out extra heat preventing overheating, therefore, keeping your feet dry and cool when temperatures rise
  • Once you fasten them effectively on your feet, they can’t slip off.


  • Can be a bit uncomfortable when you lace them first from bottom
  • Long break in periods
  • Little to no ankle support


Alternatives to Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots include New Balance Mid627 or Rothco 8 Review.

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Insider Information

Before buying the boots, ensure they are your perfect size. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. Besides, you should be comfortable with wearing boots that are 8 inches high.

Buying Advice

Though Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are uniform compliant, they don’t meet the requirements of DA PAM 670-1 or AR 70-1. Therefore, you should discuss the boots with your superiors before you purchase them.

Watch this video to learn more about Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots.

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Our Verdict

Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are perfect to use in all areas and will offer you the full value for your money.

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* On special until end November 2019

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