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most comfortable work shoes

After years and hundreds of hours of testing & reviewing, we have strong opinions about what makes the best comfortable work boot: comfort & breathability features, waterproof features, safety.

Men’s shoes & women’s shoes differ so we’ve put together an in-depth buying guide on the best ‘most comfortable boots for men‘ and the best ‘most comfortable boots for women‘. Read them now!

You can also check our guide on Non Slip Work Shoes or our detailed article on the Best Boots For Men.

Check out the most comfortable work boots reviews on mybestworkboots.com now.

We aim to only include top quality, ideal products that will likely assist you to discover what you need for your lifestyle. Our analysis is neutral and detailed because we want you to have all the important information – both good & bad prior to making your choice.

Most Comfortable Boots Options

Men's Most Comfortable Safety Boots

Thorogood 814 4200 American Heritage 6 Moc Toe

Well-rounded, great value

Comfortable and excellent traction

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most comfortable steel toe boots

Awesome value

Excellent support

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Women's Most Comfortable Safety Boots

Our top pick

most comfortable steel toe shoes

Well-rounded, great value

Warm and dry

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In the past, according to statistics, almost 40% of work boot companies focused on providing consumers with protective features, leaving aside comfort and support features.

Unfortunately, such situations caused workers to deal with footwear that did great on one aspect, protection, but bad in other essential elements for them, such as comfort and support

However, in spite of these challenges, there is always hope out there. Since June 2018, more advanced options have been in production to give you not only safety and durability in the workplace but also convenience; they give you comfort, breathability, support and even style. These are the ones that double up for work as well as for your casual activities.

With that in mind, it is no secret that getting into research on these new models can be tedious. That is why we decided to help you out by narrowing down the top ten most comfortable work boots in the market. By checking this guide out, we hope that you will have an easy time purchasing that perfect boot that will send chills running through your body.

Important New Models


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Run and Own the World Today With These To-Die-For Comfortable Work Boots

When you are busy making money moves, hustling and bustling in the streets, construction sites, industrial sites among other worksites, all you need is a reliable pair of work boots that complement your struggle. Ones that enable you to have a good time as you start and end your workday. No one needs shoes that give them painful blisters and a terrible headache.

Well, with a broad range cropping up each day, you might be confused on the kind of boot that would give you a long-lasting smile each day.

Lucky for you we conducted thorough research and tried to help you out by narrowing down the top ten most comfortable work boots. Our reviews give you honest buying advice that you can trust. We also do provide unbiased Ratings to help you choose the best for your needs.

Waterproof Work Boots

What Are They?

It is a boot that gives you comfort in a hazardous working environment. They have plushly padded collars, incredible mesh linings or even the famous EVA insert foot bed features. These features offer you excellent cushioning and keep you snug so you can carry out your daily duties without always worrying about your feet. They make you feel like you can jump over the moon.


How Do They Work?

They are a combination of comfort, safety, breathability, durability and support features. These have the incredible EVA foot bed that gives you a plush feel as you move around, the padded collars that mainly provide your ankles with extra support and coziness and the mesh lining that complements the breathable membrane to give you a fresh feel. They help make your working days and even outdoor adventures worthwhile.

Why You Should Trust Us

What Features Did We Look At for the Most Comfortable Boots?

Well, we have established that choosing, let alone purchasing a boot can be a bit confusing especially if you do not know what you are looking for in one. When you also consider that there are a large number of incredibly good options on the market, it is definite that it can be hectic. That is why we ranked the best ten to help you choose your perfect fit.

Our guides are honest and sincere. We provide you with all the information you need. We have compiled their pros, cons, features, reviews, and rating.

So, while writing this guide, we took into account the many features to look out for when comparing different styles.

Important Unbiased Ratings

Comfort & Breathability for Work Boots

First of all, we looked into the comfort and breathability features like the removable, metatomical, dual density EVA comfort footbed, the mesh lining and the padded collar that go out of their way to give you first-class comfort. There is also the reliable breathable membrane that provides your feet with a fresh feel while also wicking away any internal moisture.

Support & Waterproof Boots

Secondly, we considered the support and waterproof features. These include the Under Armour’s UA Clutch Fit Technology that wraps the ankle with lightweight ‘second skin’ for robust support and the tight leather skin

Other Considerations

Other things considered are the safety, weight, price, and brand of the work boot.

Thus, if you are looking for top-rated options with great features, then you will want to check out our best ten guide.

Choose The Perfect Most Comfortable Work Shoes in 2018

Video Review of Most Comfortable Work Boots

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Common FAQ’s for Boots

Q: What Are the Characteristics of High-Quality Comfortable Work Shoes?

A: Comfort varies from one person to another. The best comfortable shoes, however, are supposed to fit appropriately, offer you adequate support, absorb shock, and distribute weight evenly on your leg. They fight painful and annoying foot concerns so that you can work all day without any discomfort.
Moreover, these work boots feature elements such as insoles and midsoles that provide cushioning support, footbeds with gel inserts and air bubbles make you feel like you snug and keep you insulated and the EVA midsoles that offer the right amount of flex, cushioning, and shock absorption.

Q: What Is the Most Comfortable Outsole Construction?

A: The Direct Attach is the snuggest outsole ever. It is a fusion of the sole to the fibers of the upper to offer you a robust and watertight bond. The construction also provides you with a more lightweight and flexible work boot without compromising its durability.

Q: How Does One Determine the Best Choice That Matches Their Needs?

A: You need first to determine what you will use the boots for whether it is for work or casual purposes. Secondly, check out your working environment requirements. Are you working indoors, outdoors, wet or dry areas, cold temperatures or mildly warm conditions? When you examine these two considerations, you will have a perfect idea of the style you need to purchase.

Quick Summary

A comfortable work boot is one that combines breathability, shock-absorption, safety and waterproof features to make an incredible reliable boot. They give you the confidence to head to the beach, mountain, city streets and snow adventures without worrying. They provide you with warmth while also keeping your toes and feet entirely fresh.

To come up with our favorites we considered the safety, breathability, support and of course comfort features. These include functions such as the steel toe/composite toe caps, the breathable membrane, the steel shank and the mesh lining and padded collar respectively.

Our Top Choices For Men’s Shoes

To come up with the detailed list we considered the breathability, support and protective features of each one.

Our top choice is the Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots. It is the most comfortable work boot on the market right now. It has the removable, metatomical, dual density EVA comfort foot bed that offers you ample support. It also has the abrasive resistant tough-tech leather that keeps the boot sturdy and a breathable membrane that promotes airflow while still keeping your feet dry and fresh. It gives you excellent performance and convenience.

Our second favorite most comfortable work boot for men is the Irish Setter Men’s 83608 6” Steel Toe Work Boot. It offers you the perfect fit. The boot has a robust leather upper to make the safety shoe last as long as you would need it. It also has the padded collar that keeps your feet cushioned.

Our Top Choices For Women’s Shoes

Our favorite work boot is the Under Armour Women’s Valsetz RTS Workboot which is the most lightweight boot. It has the UA Clutch Fit Technology that wraps the ankle with a thin ‘second skin’ for robust support and a fantastic feel. It also has the TPU toe cap for extra protection. You can move around with much ease.

Our second favorite most comfortable work boot for women is the Sloggers Women’s Rain & Garden Boot with “All-Day-Comfort” Insole that enables you to quickly slip-on and off at whatever time you want. The boot also boasts of having massive duty lug treads that give you a sure-footed traction whether you are in mud, water or muck.