What Are They?

Slip-resistant shoes are designed to reduce or prevent slipping, skidding or falling. These are shoes or boots that from a functional standpoint provide you with a measure of stability. They most often have a rubber-like sole to enable you to navigate through the messiest of floors. Some of the distinguishing features of a slip resistant shoe are the outsole design, tread pattern, and material used in the outsole, which when combined, help keep you on a steady path as you sweat your way to the top.

Did You Know Slip Resistant Sole

How Do They Work?

They possess various features and qualities that assist in keeping you upright and preventing any falls, slips or skids. These features include the rubber outsole that is more slip resistant when exposed to water and oil than other outsole compounds. The softer the rubber outsole means that a slip resistant shoe can more efficiently grip a slick floor. So, even on hardwood or tiled floors, a slip resistant shoe will be able to grab hold whereas one with a harder outsole would lead you in a slipping series.


Q: What Are Non-Slip Work Shoes?

A: Slip-Resistant Shoes have uniquely designed soles that provide you with traction in any wet environment. The extra sole-traction comes from the pattern of the sole design and also the compound of the sole-tread material. ASTM highly recommends Slip-resistance in any shoe, and it does go a long way in preventing you from slipping, falling or tripping.

Q: Why Are Slip-Resistant Shoes Important?

A: There are some reasons. They include:

  1. They help prevent slipping accidents. Last year, according to health organizations’ records, slips and falls were the number one cause of workplace injuries in restaurants. 17% these workers had disabling workplace injuries, and 24% of these were due to improper footwear. Thus, with slip-resistant shoes, these fatalities can be avoided.
  2. Non-slip shoes help save time and money. Accidents lead to hospitals and then sick-leaves. As an employer, you will also have insurance claims, paperwork to do, among other things. A slip-resistant shoe program will save you from these headaches.

Q: What Does ASTM Mean?

A: It means ‘American Society for Testing and Materials.’ They test and sample work boots determining their safety, performance aspects and other various qualities. An excellent slip-resistant work shoe would be ASTM approved.