What Are They?

They are mostly waterproof and made of natural rubber. The rubber overlays act as a secure skin for the upper bootie. The top part of the boot has a triple-reinforced toe area and quadruple-reinforced heel area. With natural rubber, the shoes assure you of long-lasting flexibility. They are usually worn when walking on a wet or muddy ground, or to protect the wearer from heavy showers and puddles.

How Do They Work?

Rubber work boots are mostly a product of natural rubber which is mostly waterproof. These rubber overlays safeguard you from harsh chemicals, extremities of cold, mud and snow.

They also have high tendencies of providing you with excellent traction. Rubber work boots are designed for messy working environments. Such work areas include farms, cattle dips, slaughterhouses, factories, medical theatres among others. So, whether you are working around muddy puddles, too much water or snow, these boots enable you to stay upright thus giving you the confidence you need to put in your 100% at work.

Waterproof Rubber Boots

Q: Why is Gore-Tex in Rubber Work Boots Important?

A: It is a Teflon-covered membrane that is 100% waterproof and breathable fabric membrane that repels water. It is also a lightweight, and waterproof fabric for suitable for all-weather conditions and it consists of stretched polytetrafluoroethylene. Gore-Tex wicks moisture from the inside via millions of microscopic openings, keeping your feet perfectly dry and safe.

Q: Are Rubber Work Boots Suitable for Electrical Surge Protection?

A: First of all, yes rubber work shoes are suitable for electric protection. It is because rubber is an electricity non-conductive element and electrical hazard boots are merely work shoes which consist of components that are non-conductive. They are free of any metallic material and minimize the risk of electrocution.

Q: What is the Difference Between Static Dissipation Work Boots and Electrical Hazard Work Shoes?

A: Static Dissipation– These safety footwear designs reduce the risk of static charge or build-up that your body naturally creates. They drain static through the bottom of the shoe through a special conductive insole. They are for people who work in the manufacturing of sensitive electrical components.

Electrical Hazard– they reduce the ability of electricity to flow through your body, thus protecting your feet from electrocution. One thing, however, is that you cannot depend on these work boots as the only form of electrocution prevention. Therefore, you need to combine them with other safety features.