What Are They?

Slip-on or pull on work boots do not have laces, so you just put them on without struggling. They cover your feet and ankles, while some cover just little parts of the leg. They are worn to protect your feet from water, extreme cold, mud puddles and hazards such as harsh chemicals. They also provide their wearers with additional arch support for strenuous activities. They also provide you with aggressive boot-treads that have a firm grip on any floor.

How Do They Work?

They are either pull-on or slip-on. These boots have no laces, so you have easy access to them. They are also comfortable and easy on/off your feet. If your work sites are too stressful and you do not feel like tying laces every morning and untying in the evenings, these are the go-to option. They do not disappoint.

Q: What Are Aluminum Toe Caps?

A: Aluminum toe caps offer you with lightweight protection while still meeting ANSI/ASTM safety standards. They are the thicker and lighter than steel-¬toes and provide you with an excellent option especially to those looking for the most lightweight pul on in footwear.

Q: Why is Work Boot Fit Essential?

A: At the end of a tiring and long work day, your feet should not be rubbed, squeezed tight or have sores like blisters and abrasions. When you have tight shoes, they lead to some foot ailments which consist of in-grown toenails, blisters, abrasions and others. The right size boot provides you with comfort and helps boost your confidence.

Q: How Do You Treat Your Leather Work Shoes?

A: You need to treat leather work boots with mink oil or leather conditioner treatments to keep them supple and resistant to water. You should also store them in a clean, dry place to reduce odors and preserve the leather.