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This a brilliant move to prevent you from becoming one of the 25% who gets injured at work! Workplace injuries are tragedies that everyone wants to avoid, and only the best protective footwear can keep you from being another statistic. Poor quality footwear can also cause problems that make life miserable, like corns, blisters, and even flat feet.

Sometimes we forget how important it is to protect our feet, especially when conditions get a bit rough.

Apart from preventing a life threatening slip, fall or break, having the right footwear can ensure that you enjoy your work because the boots you use for work are comfortable and secure.

You are not constantly thinking of the moment you can take your boots off because of pinching and chafing. What’s more, concentrating on your discomfort can cost you as you need to give all your attention to what you are doing, not thinking of your aching feet.

Foot Injuries

25% of disabling workplace injuries that occur, is the result of foot injuries. When we think of injuries, we often think of broken arms or legs, but feet suffer in the workplace too.

Think of walking on slippery surfaces or through rusty nails, broken glass and rough stones, and you will know the need for a good quality performance boot to protect you from lacerations, piercings, sprains and crushing. You do not only need protection; you need armor for your feet!

Why Use Us?

Our aim is not to smother you with pretentious ‘oh-so-glorious’ products. Instead, we took the time to make sure we find a pair of boots that will best fit each & everyone’s needs. What you want is someone that provides you with a frank opinion on all the benefits making a boot satisfactory, but also shares with you what to watch out for – should there be any misconceptions about the product!

An ill-fitting poor quality boot can cause pain and discomfort of all kinds! When you buy the best work boots with specially engineered features, they are uniquely designed to keep your feet warm or chill providing you comfort and protection all day long.

About the Team!

There used to be a time the men and women on our team all fell for slick advertising, like most of you, we constantly got hung up on alluring remarks and false advertising. The endless frustration and misconceptions motivated us to find the top boots available for you!

We now feed you with information on what genuinely smart boots has to offer and provide you with waders that tick all the boxes! What you need is a work boot flawlessly engineered. A pair providing you utmost comfort & protection – be it from injury in the hazardous environments you may encounter, construction and industrial sites, slippery surfaces or a rocky terrain.

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