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Non Slip Shoes

After years and hundreds of hours of testing & reviewing, we have strong opinions about what makes the best non slip shoes: sole & shoe-tread design, comfort & support features, breathability.

Men’s shoes & women’s shoes differ so we’ve put together an in-depth buying guide on the best ‘non slip shoes for men‘ and the best ‘non slip shoes for women‘. Read them now!

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We’ve recently added updates to this post to include several interesting releases that are trending currently. We expect that they will assist you in your process to find the best one for your specifications.

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The sun took its sweet time to rise in the suburbs of Massachusetts. Joanne woke up smiling and thanking the heavens for yet another bright day. It was the first day as an assistant chef at the Leon’s Hotel. Excitedly, she dressed up and rushed to catch the next bus.

Leon’s was the busiest hotel in town, and thus it was no surprise when she found a couple of customers taking down their orders. She rushed to the kitchen, saluted her staff, took on her apron and started chopping those groceries like Gordon Ramsay.

It was without a doubt, one of the busiest days the hotel had ever seen. There was no break. It was as if a Bill had been passed for the public to take their lunch there. There was no break. Pans were flying; oil spilled from one frying saucer to another, the meat was getting grilled and barbequed in every corner, vegetables were getting blanched, and the orders were endless. It was a beautiful mess!

Suddenly there was a huge thud! BAM!

Slip Resistant Shoes - Stores

‘Aaargh! My back!’ shouted one of the staff. It was Lisa, the hotel’s clutz. She was on the floor wriggling in pain. She had slipped on the oily and messy wet floor. No one was surprised since it had become a habit of her falling, slipping and skidding on the floor. So, as expected, everyone continued working. Joanne, however, got concerned and headed to check on her. Lisa had twisted her leg, but since she was accustomed to falling and twisting her ankles, she thought it was nothing. Joanne being a caring boss, sent her to the local doctor and after a few check-ups, she was okay. It was discovered, however, that Lisa’s slips and falls were due to the lack of proper treads on her shoes. Joanne educated her on the types of shoes that would be best suited for her and after some consultations with her credit card, she got the shoes.

Just like the unlucky lady, we at times buy shoes for the sake of it. What we do not know is that each work environment requires a specific feature or factors to give you a quality and functional work shoe.

So, stop randomly picking out shoes in stores. Get to know your work kicks better. There are thousands of slip-resistant work kicks out there so shopping can be hectic. You need not worry though; we are always here to help you out. After thorough research, we managed to compile a list of the best slip-resistant work shoes on the market this year. We believe by going through this review, you will have a vivid picture of the shoes that will suit you perfectly.

Important Work Environment

It went on well until he ran out of luck.

The damned saw got stuck to a resistant branch. Jake tried to release it, but when it became adamant, he opted to pull it manually. He was not one to give up on a challenge, and so he started hauling it so hard that it broke. That is when the damned machine came crashing down his feet at a cheetah’s speed.

The impact of the machine was too massive that it gave him multiple bone fractures. He was however lucky that it was not the saw’s blade that came crashing down otherwise he would have instantly lost his legs.

However, he knew that if he had worn the right shoes, they could have prevented his paralysis. If only he had been careful enough in checking the shoes, he picked out. Sometimes being late and safe is better than being early and reckless.

Unlike Jake, some of us do not know which shoes are perfect for our job sites. Thus, you should always strive to get to know your work boots better.

There are thousands of logger work boots out there so picking out the right one can be hectic. You need not worry though; we are always here to help you out. After thorough research, we managed to compile a list of the best logger work boots on the market this year. We believe by going through this review, you will have a vivid picture of the shoes that will suit you perfectly.

Confidently Slide Your Way into Work with These Fantastic Slip-Resistant Work Shoes

If you are one of those hard-working individuals who clock in each day at an industrial site, restaurant, or any other hazardous working site, you know that it is essential to ensure the protection of your delicate feet and toes. Well, it might seem like an easy task but believe you me, the selecting the right work boot for you can be as tricky as waiting patiently for a buffering advertisement to end so you can continue watching that gluing episode of Game of Thrones.

The market boasts of thousands of different slip-resistant work shoe models. No universal work boot performs well in all environments. That is why we decided to help you start each day on the right foot. We dived into research and evaluated dozens of pairs of top-performing slip-resistant work boots, to present you with the best possible options.

We have also listed the pros and cons of each product, as well as some of the incredible features that you should look for when seeking to buy that perfect work shoe. Our reviews give you honest buying advice that you can trust. We also do provide unbiased ratings to help you choose the best for your needs.

Quick Summary

Slip-resistant work shoes are designed to reduce or prevent slips, skids or falls. They usually have a rubber-like sole that allows you to navigate through the messiest of floors. Some of the distinguishing features of a slip-resistant shoe are the outsole design, tread pattern, and material used in the outsole.

To come up with the best slip-resistant work boots, we did consider the sole and shoe tread design, the comfort and support features like the midsole and padding of the kicks.

Our Top Choices For Men’s Slip Resistant Shoes

To come up with the detailed list of the best slip-resistant work shoes, we considered the sole and shoe-tread design of the kicks, and also their comfort and support features.

Our favorite work shoes for men are the SensFoot Slip Resistant Clogs for Men Black Non-Slip Chef Work Shoes. They are the most non-slip work shoes. They have the impressive slip resistant patented technology that keeps you steady all day no matter the messiest of floors.

Our second favorite work shoes for men are the Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Oxford Work Shoes. They have incredible comfort and slip-resistant features thus gunning them the second spot.

Our Top Choices For Women’s Safety Shoes

Our favorite work kicks for women are the Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up Work Shoes. They have a padded tongue and collar and perforated accents on the sides that allow your feet to breathe. They also have the OSHA compliant slip resistant rubber outsoles for superior traction capabilities thus, making them the best slip-resistant work shoes for women.

Our second favorite work shoes for women are the SensFoot Slip-Resistant Women’s Work Shoes. They have the waterproof, anti-skid and oil proof and breathable insoles that are easy to clean and quick to dry and also provide you with the much-needed comfort.