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Slip on Working Boots

After years and hundreds of hours of testing & reviewing, we have strong opinions about what makes the best slip on work boots: slip-on ease, leather upper and the electrical hazard protection, durability.

Men’s shoes & women’s shoes differ so we’ve put together an in-depth buying guide on the best ‘slip on boots for men‘ and the best ‘slip on boots for women‘. Read them now!

You can also view our guide on the Best Rain Shoes or our article on the Best Steel Toe Boots.

Check out the best slip on work boots reviews on Mybestworkboots.com now.

We also put together article on slip on work boots FAQ’s.

We strive to just include great quality, great products that will assist you to discover what you really want for your lifestyle. Our analysis is neutral and comprehensive because we would like you to have all the facts – both good and bad prior to making your own decision.

Best Slip On Work Boots Overall

Men's Slip On

pull on boots

Well-rounded, great value


Our top boot pick

Timberland Pro 53534 Titan

Awesome value

Dependable and reliable

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Women's Slip On

Ariat Tracey H20

Great features

Excellent grip on the floor

Our top pick


Well-rounded, great value


* On special until end December 2018

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Trevor, a YouTube fitness enthusiast, landed a job as a hiking instructor for a prestigious company. ‘Score,’ he thought.

He was about to get his ratings and financials off the roof. He could visualize the beautiful beach house that he was going to buy in a few months. So, as required by the law, he went ahead and got himself a pair of work boots. His fashion sense was incredible, and since he knew he would be working with classy lads and ladies, he thought a trendy boot would be an auspicious slip on.

Just two weeks into his new job though, Trevor felt a little off. He had a sore lower back, blisters and some terrible cramps; he was also experiencing frequent headaches. His feet were killing him.

Important Know Boots Better

After a day of hiking and working with enthusiastic adventurers, he took himself to the doctor and explained his symptoms. The kind doctor looked up and down, then pointed to his stylish but cheap pair of boots and said,” There is your problem.”

Many of us opt for style, blame it on Instagram, snap chat and the like, but we tend to forget that there’s more to footwear than just fashion. You need to consider protective, comfort, support and durability features in every shoe. Trevor could have avoided these minor issues by getting the perfect pair for himself.

So, stop randomly picking out shoes in stores. Get to know your slip on boots better. There are thousands of styles out there so shopping can be hectic. You need not worry though; we are always here to help you out. After thorough research, we managed to compile a list of the best slip-on work boots on the market this year. We believe by going through this review, you will have a vivid picture of the shoes that will suit you perfectly.


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Walk the Walk with These Incredible Slip-On WorkBoots. They Make It Too Easy!

In most job sites today, they are immensely valuable. You cannot underestimate their necessity in your working life. It is essential to buy the right pair that will serve you way more than just protecting your toes.

You know, boots that can also offer you comfort and safeguard you from wet areas, exposed nails, low temperatures, and electric currents. So, in this article, we have ruled out some of the best pull on work boots, which will allow you to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

We have also listed the pros and cons of each product, as well as some of the incredible features that you should look for when seeking to buy that perfect work boot. Our reviews give you honest buying advice that you can trust. We also do provide unbiased Ratings to help you choose the best for your needs.

Slip On Work Boots

What Are They?

Slip-on or pull on work boots do not have laces, so you just put them on without struggling. They cover your feet and ankles, while some cover just little parts of the leg. They are worn to protect your feet from water, extreme cold, mud puddles and hazards such as harsh chemicals. They also provide their wearers with additional arch support for strenuous activities. They also provide you with aggressive boot-treads that have a firm grip on any floor.

How Do They Work?

They are either pull-on or slip-on. These boots have no laces, so you have easy access to them. They are also comfortable and easy on/off your feet. If your work sites are too stressful and you do not feel like tying laces every morning and untying in the evenings, these are the go-to option. They do not disappoint.

Why You Should Trust Us

Considering that there are a large number of incredible options in the market, we ranked the best ten to help you choose the best for you.

Our guides are honest and sincere. We provide you with all the information you need. We have compiled their pros, cons, features, reviews, and rating.

So, while writing this guide, we put into account the many features to look out for when comparing styles.

Important Unbiased Ratings

Comfort & ‘Slip-on Ease’

First of all, we looked into the comfort and ‘slip-on ease’ features. These include functions like the EVA footbed and the Justin work boots’ J-flex comfort systems that help keep your feet cushioned. There is also the inset elastic gores that help you slip on/off your shoes without struggling.

Safety & Support

Secondly, we considered the safety and support features. These include the leather upper and the electrical hazard protection that gives you maximum protection against any work site harm. We also have the torsional shank for sturdy arch support.

Other Considerations

Other things considered are the breathability, durability, weight, price, and brand of the work boot.

Thus, if you are looking for top-rated slip-ons with great features, then you will want to check out our best ten guide.

Choose The Perfect Slip On Boots in 2018

Video Review

You can see the demo for the best Slip-On Work Boots 2018 here

Common FAQ’s

Q: What Are Aluminum Toe Caps?

A: Aluminum toe caps offer you with lightweight protection while still meeting ANSI/ASTM safety standards. They are the thicker and lighter than steel-¬toes and provide you with an excellent option especially to those looking for the most lightweight pul on in footwear.

Q: Why is Work Boot Fit Essential?

A: At the end of a tiring and long work day, your feet should not be rubbed, squeezed tight or have sores like blisters and abrasions. When you have tight shoes, they lead to some foot ailments which consist of in-grown toenails, blisters, abrasions and others. The right size boot provides you with comfort and helps boost your confidence.

Q: How Do You Treat Your Leather Work Shoes?

A: You need to treat leather work boots with mink oil or leather conditioner treatments to keep them supple and resistant to water. You should also store them in a clean, dry place to reduce odors and preserve the leather.

Quick Summary

Slip-on or pull on work boots do not have laces, so you just put them on and take them off without struggling. They cover your feet and ankles, while some cover just little parts of the leg. They are worn to protect your feet from water, extreme cold, mud puddles and hazards such as harsh chemicals.

To come up with the best slip-on work boots, we did consider comfort, slip-on ease and support features. These include the mesh lining and the inset elastic gores that help you slip on/off your shoes without struggling.

Our Top Choices For Men’s Pull On Work Boots

Top Choice

The best slip on work boots for men are the KINGSHOW Men’s Water-Resistant Rubber Sole Full Grain Slip-On Workboot. They are the easiest on/off work boots in the slip-on boots market. They have the padded collar and incredible mesh lining to keep your feet fresh and cushioned. They also incorporate the fantastic steel shank thus offering you ample support and the elastic gores that give you slip-on ease.

Second Choice

Our second favorite work boot is the Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel Toe Workboots. These boots give you the perfect fit. They have the elastic gores on the sides that allow the boots to open up quickly but immediately close back up for a secure fit.

Our Top Choices For Women’s Slip On Boots

Top Choice

The best slip on work boots for women are the SLOGGERS Women’s Rain & Garden Shoe with “All-Day-Comfort” Insole Mid-Summer Blue Print Work Shoes. They have massive duty lug treads and sure-footed traction whether you are in mud, water or muck. They are also worth every penny you spend on them.

Second Choice

Our second favorite work boots for women are the Ariat Women’s Cruiser Slip-On Work Shoes. They have incredible support features which include the fantastic TPU stability shank that offers your feet with the much-needed rigidity.