The Best Composite Toe Boots Reviews in 2019

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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose the best composite toe boots with all the choices available!

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, that after

After years and hundreds of hours of testing & reviewing, we have strong opinions about what makes the best composite toe work boot: traction-grip for slippery surfaces, electrical hazard protection, comfort & slip-resistant features.

FOR MEN: The Keen Utility Sheridan Insulated (On special until end November 2019) has all the listed features and beats its competition hands down. Junior, an electrician, has been using these boots for two years now. His work exposes him to various electrical hazards at work,and these work boots have been in the front line in helping him stay safe and cozy.

He loves that their thermoplastic polyurethane shank that provides mid-foot support, the electrical hazard protection that offers his feet safe from any electric vulnerabilities, and the breathable membrane, which not only gives him maximum breathability but also wicks away any internal moisture. He also adores the boot’s locking metal lace hooks that offer additional support and protection, and the unraveled shoe treads that give him unmatched traction grip.

He’s vowed never to purchase a different model and regrets all the time he wasted on cheaper models.

If you want work boots that: offer you unsurpassed comfort, ones that are easy on/off, a pair that are light enough to allow you enjoy the outdoors, and ones that will enable your feet to breathe with the Nubuck waterproof and breathable membrane in play, then make sure you do not fall for the cheap cons and get the Keen Utility Sheridan Insulated from the leading supplier at the best price we’ve been able to find as of March 2019.

FOR WOMEN: The Caterpillar Ally 6” (On special until end November 2019) has all the listed features, reasons it beats its competition hands down. Sheila, an assembler, has been using them for over two years now and she has never been happier with a composite toe work boot choice.

She loves the SRX rubber outsole that gives her extreme traction on all surfaces, whether it is rough, wet or oily, the waterproof membrane construction that keeps her feet dry in all conditions, and the ease midsole that provides her with superior cushioning in a lightweight construction.

She’s vowed never to buy a different composite toe work boot model again and regrets any time she wasted deliberating, considering and shopping for sub-standard models.

If you want a work boot that: has the abrasion-resistant toe and heel for added durability, one that keeps you firmly rooted to the ground with the extreme slip-resistant outsole, and a pair that allows you to strut the streets confidently, then ensure you avoid the cheap knock-offs and get the Caterpillar Ally 6” from a leading supplier at the lowest price we’ve been able to find as of March 2019.

We’ve recently updated this blog post to include several new releases that are popular at the moment. We hope that they should help you in your journey to find the correct one for your specifications.

Top Composite Toe Shoes Overall

Men's Composite Toe Boots

square toe shoes

Well-rounded, great value

Excellent boot-treads

Our top pick

toe shoes for men

Awesome value

Easy on/off
Waterproof and secure

* On special until end November 2019

Women's Composite Toe Boots

Ariat Tracey H20

Great features

Excellent quality

Our top pick

safety toe shoes

Well-rounded, great value


* On special until end November 2019

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Research shows that more than 30% of job site injuries in the recent years have been as a result of foot injuries. That is a disturbingly high figure!

15% of these injuries are from fractures, bruises, puncture wounds, sprains, and the remaining 15% are due to tripping and messy falls. The thing is we tend to put lots of effort into keeping other parts of our bodies protected, and we seem to ignore our feet; they are as equally important.

Apart from assisting you to avoid life-threatening situations such as a slip or trip, the right ones will protect you from other minor issues associated with poor footwear such as calluses, heel pain, blisters and arch problems or rather flat feet.

Perfect boots also enable you to have an easy time at work. They offer you that Tony Robbins’s confidence. You know when you feel safe and cozy; you tend to perform better at your job. Did someone say a salary increase?

So, if you need that money, stop randomly picking out work shoes. They say ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without a moon or stars. You need to strive to get to know your boots better. Yes, research can be tedious especially considering that there are thousands of styles on the market. Lucky for you, we compiled a list of the ten best options to help you choose one that perfectly suits you. Whether you need a safe, convenient, durable and comfortable pair for your gruesome job or a hiking expedition, we have got you covered.

7 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Pair of Work Boots

Protect Your Toes from Electric Harm

There are numerous varieties of composite toe options on the market. When looking through different features though, it can be difficult for you to pinpoint the most important ones to help you get that fantastic feel, thus making it overwhelming trying to purchase one.

With this compiled list of top ten best composite toe shoes though, you can weigh the pros and cons of individual products and figure out the perfect boot for yourself or your employees.


Our reviews give you honest buying advice that you can trust. We also do provide unbiased Ratings to help you choose the best for your needs.

honest buying advice trust

Why You Should Trust Us

What Boot Features Did We Look At?

Considering that there are a large number of incredible options and styles on the market, we ranked the best ten to help you choose the best for you.

Our guides are honest and sincere. We provide you with all the information you need. We have compiled their pros, cons, features, reviews, and rating.

So, while writing this guide, we put into account the many features to look out for when comparing them.

Important Unbiased Ratings

Safety & Support of Boots

First of all, we looked into the safety and support features like the traction-grip for slippery surfaces and the electrical hazard protection for maximum protection from open circuits. Support features include the steel shank that provides you with the right amount of rigidity and mid-foot support.

Comfort & Slip-Resistant Boots

Secondly, we considered the comfort and slip-resistant features. The padded collar and EVA insert foot-bed cushioning provides you with a plush and snug feel. The aggressive treads provide you with sufficient stability on wet floors and slightly oily floors.

Other Considerations for Your Boots

Other things considered are the durability, breathability, weight, price, and brand of the work boot.

Thus, if you are looking for top-rated choices with great features, then you will want to check out our best ten guide.

Choose The Perfect Composite Toe Boots in 2019

Quick Summary

A composite toe work boot protects your toes while also meeting ANSI standards. They have a type of composite material in them; they are a combination of plastic, Kevlar aramid fiber, and carbon fiber.

To come up with the best options, we did consider support, comfort and safety features. Support features include the steel shank which provides you with mid-foot support and rigidity. Comfort and security features include the dura-shock and the composite safety toe cap respectively.

Our Top Choices For Men’s Composite Toe Shoes

To come up with the detailed list of the best options, we considered the comfort, support and protective features.

First Choice

Our favorite boot is the Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Work boot. It is the most secure work boot. It has the abrasive, non-slip rubber soles with gripping lugs that give you excellent traction. It also has the EVA insert with steel shank for superior stability and the electrical hazard protection system that helps keep you safe from harmful electrical charges.

Second Choice

Our second best composite toe work boot for men is the Wolverine Men’s Legend 6” Waterproof Composite Toe Boot. It is the most supportive work shoe. It possesses the Dura-shock for maximum comfort and the H-suspension system plate that helps stabilize your foot.

Our Top Choices For Women’s Composite Boots

First Choice

Our favorite boot is the Ariat Women’s FatBaby Western Collection Composite Toe Work boot. It is the most supportive and robust work boot. It features the 4LR technology that offers you maximum comfort and stability. It also boasts of the Everly sole that helps ease your feet.

Second Choice

Our second favorite work boot for women is the Wolverine Women’s Fletcher Mid-Composite Toe Work Boot. It is the most comfortable work shoe. It has the waterproof membrane that wicks away internal moisture. It also has the thin toe cap wall that provides you more toe room and adds coziness.

Read Some More Review

Make sure you also check out the Maelstrom Patrol 6

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