Quick Ways to Stretch Your Work Boots

Do Your Work Boots Need Stretching?
Should You Stretch Your Work Boots? Discover Professional as Well as DIY Methods to Stretching Your Work Boots. Learn More…
Quick Ways to Stretch Your Work Boots

Are you looking for ways to stretch your wort boots?

Stretching your work boots is essential for your health and safety if they are the wrong size.

There are both professional and DIY methods to stretch your work boots.

Work boots that are too tight may squeeze the nerves in your feet, producing discomfort and numbness in the toes – a condition known as Morton’s neuroma.

Tight boots could also cause blisters, corns, and calluses. 

Getting a pair of work boots for your birthday, then regifting them, is a reboot!

Don’t reboot your work boots because they are too tight, instead use these methods to stretch them to ensure your comfort and safety.

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    Professional Methods for Stretching Your Work Boots

    Professional methods for stretching your work boots are:

    • Stretching spray
    • Oil
    • Boot stretchers
    • An auger and hydraulic press
    • Boot-calf stretchers

    Let’s take a closer look at these.

    Stretching Spray

    Applying stretching spray to your work boots is a great method to stretch them to the required size; simply spray a little onto/into your work boots and let it soak and dry before putting them on.

    Before using the stretching spray, ensure that you’ve read the instructions carefully because some sprays are used on the outside of your work boots, whereas others are to be used on the inside.

    Stretching spray is a novel solution for stretching and extending the life of your work boots.

    It’s ideal for work boots that require extra toe room.

    It’s simple

    The procedure for using stretching spray to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    • Put on a pair of protective gloves to work with.
    • Spray your boot twice on each side until saturated but not dripping wet.
    • Allow the spray to settle for 30 minutes before touching or walking in your boots.
    • If necessary, repeat this step with a second coat of spray.
    • Wear the shoes again and again until the desired fit is achieved.


    Applying oil to your work boots is a fantastic method of stretching them and giving them extra care.

    The procedure for using oil to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. The first step is to clean your boots thoroughly, then allow them to dry in preparation for the oil application.
    2. After that, put a small amount of oil in the boots and walk around in them for approximately 10 minutes.
    3. Step 2 should be repeated twice more to get the full benefit of this method.


    You can apply a generous amount of oil to the outside of the boots at night so that the boot’s leather softens enough for you to wear.

    To the outside of the boots, apply a small amount of leather conditioner or mink oil.

    You must apply the lubricant at night so that the boot’s leather softens enough for you to wear.

    You will need to clean the excess oil from your boots before wearing them to work in the morning.

    If the toe space is still a little tight, repeat this process until you achieve the desired results.

    Boot Stretchers

    Using a boot stretcher is an effective method of stretching your work boots and maintaining their shape and size.

    Boot stretchers can protect your feet from discomfort and painful blisters caused by ill-fitting work boots.

    The boot stretcher not only resizes your boot but also allows it to breathe properly, preventing the growth of fungus and bacteria.

    Keep in mind

    There are several boot stretchers, but the three most common are standard boot stretchers, 1-way stretchers, and 2-way stretchers.

    The procedure for using a boot stretcher to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Place the shoe stretcher inside your work boots.
    2. To adjust it, turn the knob clockwise.
    3. Then, gradually stretch the shape of the boot.
    4. Allow it to sit on the boot for 24 to 48 hours for the best results.

    It’s important to note that most stretchers increase the size of the boot by one or half a size.

    An Auger & Hydraulic Press

    An auger & hydraulic press are effective tools to stretch your work boots to the desired size.

    Follow the same three steps described in the using oil section of this article, then add a final step: Insert a non-sharpened auger into the shoe, then a hydraulic press with weight on it.

    This process should be repeated 1-3 times, depending on how much stretching is required.

    This method can be used for work boots regardless of how tight they are.

    Boot-Calf Stretchers

    Using boot-calf stretchers is an effective method to stretch the calf of your work boot to the required size.

    They work similarly to a boot stretcher in that you gently adjust the width of the boot calf to expand the leather.

    Getting into it

    The procedure for using a boot-calf stretcher to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Insert the calf-stretcher into the boot and leave it there for 24 hours before attempting to wear them again.
    2. If your boots are still not the right size after this, repeat the above step until you achieve the size you are looking for.

    DIY Methods to Stretch Your Work Boots Fast

    DIY methods to stretch your work boots fast are:

    • Ice in Ziplock bags
    • A stick
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Thick socks
    • Wearing the boots in intervals
    • Newspaper

    Let’s unpack these DIY methods.

    Ice in Ziplock Bags

    Using ice in Ziplock bags is another useful method of stretching your work boots to the desired size; this is because water expands when it freezes to form ice, which makes this method effective as this causes the boot to stretch.

    When using this method, you must ensure that your boot does not get wet.

    The procedure for using ice in Ziplock to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Insert sealable plastic bags into both boots, allowing them to cover the entire shaft of the boot.
    2. After placing the bags inside the boot, gently fill them with water.
    3. Make sure the bags are evenly distributed to the areas you need to stretch.
    4. Place your boots in the freezer and leave them there overnight.
    5. Remove the boots from the freezer in the morning.
    6. Remove the ice from the sealed plastic bags, taking care not to damage the leather or expose it to too much water.
    7. If you haven’t achieved the desired stretch, repeat the process.

    A Stick

    Using a stick, such as a mop or a broom, to stretch your work boots is another useful method to achieve your stretching goals.

    The procedure for using a stick to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Perform this outside on grass or inside on a carpeted surface.
    2. This reduces the likelihood of the stick slipping.
    3. Insert the end of a broomstick through the boot opening. A mop or shovel handle will also suffice.
    4. Manoeuvre the stick around inside the boot, pressing it against the areas you want to be stretched.
    5. Hold each broom position inside your boot for 10-20 seconds at a time. The broom handle cannot penetrate the toe, but it can stretch the areas around it.
    6. Pay special attention to any areas of the boot that feel tight when you wear them.
    7. After you’ve finished stretching the first boot, switch to the other one.
    8. Stretching each of the boots all over may take several minutes.
    9. You can’t leave the stick inside your boots for an extended time; instead, insert it and pull it out until you see the leather of the boots begin to relax.

    Rubbing Alcohol

    Using rubbing alcohol is a great method for stretching your work boots as this causes the rubber material of your boots to expand.

    The alcohol will be used to stretch various parts of the boot, depending on the boots.

    The procedure for using rubbing alcohol to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Pour enough rubbing alcohol into a large bowl or shallow dish to accommodate your boots.
    2. Make sure the solution is only about 4 inches deep, and cover it with heavy-duty plastic wrap before heating it over direct heat until it boils vigorously.
    3. Turn off the heat and carefully place your rubber boots into the boiling liquid, heels facing upwards, so they don’t stick together.
    4. Make sure the boot’s heel isn’t submerged in the alcohol.
    5. Cover their heels with heavy-duty plastic wrap and set them aside for 2 hours once submerged.
    6. During this time, allow for cooling.
    7. Once completely dry, remove your boots and place them in a slightly warm area for a few minutes to soften the boot material before wearing them again.
    8. This process should be repeated until your boots fit your feet comfortably.


    The second method for stretching your work boots using rubbing alcohol is as follows:

    1. Fill a spray bottle halfway with rubbing alcohol.
    2. Spray it on your work boots until they are completely saturated with rubbing alcohol.
    3. Put on the boots and allow them to dry on your feet. You can accomplish this by sitting in front of a fan wearing the boots.
    4. As the boots dry on your feet, the rubbing alcohol will stretch the fabric of the boots to fit your foot shape.
    5. If you have not obtained the desired fit, you can repeat the process.

    Thick Socks

    Using thick socks to stretch your work boots is an effective method but will take a little longer than most other methods to get the results you seek.

    You must repeat this process at home for at least seven days before wearing the boots to work.

    So slip right in

    The procedure for using thick socks to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Put on thick woolen socks. You could also wear 2 to 3 pairs of socks for this method.
    2. Make sure your socks are thick and long enough to cover your ankle and calf.
    3. This reduces friction between your leg and the boots’ material during the process.
    4. Slip your feet into your work boots while wearing these layers of socks.
    5. Spray your work boots with boot stretching spray.
    6. Continue to wear your boots until the boot stretching spray has completely dried on them.
    7. The socks will help widen and stretch the boots to their fullest extent.
    8. Repeat this process at home for seven consecutive days or until you achieve the desired results.

    Wearing Your Boots in Intervals

    Wearing your boots for short intervals is a great way to stretch them gently.

    It should ideally be done for a few minutes every few hours.

    You can also try putting your boots on while watching TV or doing something else that doesn’t require your full attention.

    Wear your work boots for about two hours before taking them off and leaving them off for a few minutes, then put your work boots and socks on again.


    Using newspapers to stretch your work boots is another useful method that stretches the boot material.

    I have news for you

    The procedure for using newspapers to stretch your work boots is as follows:

    1. Take a bunch of wet newspapers and crumple them gently.
    2. Fill your boots with these crumpled newspapers, paying special attention to the parts of your boots you most want to stretch.
    3. Allow them to stay in the boot until they dry out.
    4. Remove them once they have dried; drying time can range from 24 to 48 hours.
    5. If you haven’t reached your stretch goal, repeat the process.

    The wet newspapers will expand and harden as they dry and stretch out of the boot using this method.

    The good news is that you can do it whenever you are storing your boot until you have the perfect fit. 

    Why Should You Stretch Your Work Boots?

    You should stretch your work boots to avoid major foot conditions like hammertoes, bunions, crossover toes, and corns.

    The discomfort caused by wearing boots that are too tight for your feet results in foot aches, toe blisters, and the scraping of your nails against the roof of your boots.

    It’s essential to wear boots that fit your feet correctly to prevent these foot ailments from compromising your health and work productivity.

    You can use any methods we discussed above to make your boots more comfortable to wear.

    Common Questions

    Will My Work Boots Stretch Out?

    How Long Does It Take for Work Boots to Stretch?

    Should Work Boots Be Loose or Tight?

    In Conclusion

    We hope this article has provided you with all the methods of stretching your boot.

    We all prefer to wear comfortable boots; wearing work boots that cause pain or foot conditions can impair our health and performance at work. It’s important to stretch your boots to avoid discomfort.

    Boot stretching can be done at home using either professional or DIY methods.

    Feel free to use the stretching techniques that work best for you.

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